Digital Content

  • Entertaining, expressive, and engaging
  • Grammar and spelling that would impress the toughest college professor thanks to a triple manual-and-software driven proofreading process
  • Clean & crisply formatted, search engine optimized, and ready to digitally publish or print — free of extra charges or fees

I believe web content should be designed for the web right from the start.

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Website Management & Support

  • 24/7 troubleshooting, migration, installation, support of ANY kind of web hosting platform - cloud and WordPress/Multipress included
  • GoDaddy & Google affiliated
  • Code cleanup/W3C validation, scripting/automation for social media/servers

Let me be your "digital media monkey" today and stop banging your head on the keyboard!

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Digital Marketing & Proofreading

  • Triple checked with the assistance of two proofreading apps that utilize two different forms of technology to ensure a higher level of accuracy
  • SEO, social media management, viral marketing, public relations and advertising integrated into a single customized digital marketing plan designed to make your online presence known

Personality & courtesy can make or break your business. Hire someone you can trust to be optimistic towards you and your customers!

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As the editor of a local online news resource (, I became friends with many of the local business owners, and became aware of how difficult it was for them to compete with corporate chains. As my awareness grew, I began to feel a strong calling to do something to help level the playing field. I noticed that the availability and affordability of quality digital media consulting seemed to be out of reach for many of my local business clients. At the time, digital media consulting was virtually unheard-of, so I coined the term “SEO and PR Specialist” for myself. Thus, my journey began towards finding ways to champion startups.

That work continues with this website. I hope while visiting you learn some valuable insights and find new pathways to successful teamwork and collaboration. Do not hesitate to give me a call or email if you are curious about what I can offer you — consultations are free of charge and are the first step towards helping your business demonstrate positive growth.

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Jonquil McDaniel, Digital Media Consultant

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